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Investment Property Loans

Buying or refinancing an investment property should be easy. After we have gained insight into your particular needs and objectives we will recommend investment property loans that will meet your needs, not only now but well into the future so you can rest assured you’ve made the right choice.

We also have the tools and know-how to help you find a suitable investment property as well. With regular market insights and access to the latest property tools, tips and advice, we can guide you through the process of finding your next investment property.

Features and options of a typical Home and Investment Loan for residential mortgages are:
  • Principal and Interest or Interest Only
  • 30 year loan terms
  • Interest Only terms up to 10 years
  • Unlimited splits and the ability to make extra repayments (limits apply on fixed)
  • Easy repayment options, direct debt, BPay, salary credit
  • Manage your loans via lender apps, phone and online banking.
  • Activate redraw or add an offset account.

If you’re looking to manage your portfolio with flexibility due to your specific requirements, maybe a line of credit or master limit would suit you. Some lenders offer a line of credit (sometimes also referred to as an equity manager or equity access loans) product which allows you to have an approved limit with the flexibility of having several loans under one master limit. You generally have the choice of then setting sub accounts with different loan products, terms and repayment options.

The benefits of a line of credit facility are:
  • 1
    Revolving line of credit secured against your property.
  • 2
    Once approved, your line of credit is ready to use and draw down when you need it to renovate, purchase a car, holiday or when you need it for unexpected expenses.
  • 3
    You only pay interest on what you have used of your available limit
  • 4
    You can draw down funds as you require, repay when it suits you up to your approved limit.
  • 5
    No set monthly repayments. You can decide to make as many repayments as you want or make periodical repayments depending on your requirements and let interest capitalise on the balance.
  • 1
    Higher interest rates than a traditional term loan normally apply.
  • 2
    May incur other lender fees such as monthly, establishment or ongoing annual fees.
  • 3
    Interest can accrue on the balances if you fail to make the monthly interest instalment.

Talk to us if you have a need for a line of credit facility. We can recommend products that will suit your needs.