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Ditch The Rising Petrol Prices and Drive Green

Ditch The Rising Petrol Prices and Drive Green

Who hasn’t noticed the obscene rising petrol prices over the last month?  It’s been a minute since we’ve had to pay these current eye-watering petrol prices.  According to experts, we last paid over $2 per litre in 2014 during a period of conflict in the Middle East Petrol.  With no foreseeable end to the skyrocketing petrol prices, it’s enough to make you want to go green, right?  Tesla anyone?!

The Upside To High Petrol Costs

Rising petrol prices are forcing many of us to rethink how financially viable it is to keep a petrol-fuelled car on the road.  The price and variety of electric and hybrid vehicles, have meant that consumers now have more choices when it comes to choosing a more environmentally friendly option.

Hybrid Or Electric?

While Tesla is probably the most well-known electric car on the market, there are plenty of other car manufacturers that have electric or hybrid options.  In a nutshell, hybrid cars don’t need to be charged by an external source, whereas electric cars do.  Hybrid cars use some petrol and have battery-powered engines that recharge the battery.  Both will reduce your petrol bill, but a purely electric car will reduce your petrol bill to zero and your carbon emissions, whereas a hybrid will still cost you some money in petrol (though much less than a typical car) and will still produce some greenhouse gas emissions.

Greener Finance

Buying a new car is never a cheap exercise, but have you heard about ‘Green Loans’?  A green loan is typically offered at a lower interest to purchase a car that will reduce your carbon footprint.  Both electric and hybrid cars are eligible.  Also, many lenders don’t advertise their green loans.   Get in touch with us to see how we can help you get a green loan, save you petrol dollars and make a positive difference to the environment.