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Assets we fund

We offer loans for motor vehicles cars and SUVs, utility vans, and small trailers (up to 2 axles) including small and medium trucks, motorbikes and scooters, camper trailers, campervans, boats, Jet skis, and more.

A more detailed list of consumer and business assets we fund are found below/here.

Consumer Commercial
Cars and SUV Cars and SUV
Utility Utility
Vans Vans
Small trailers (up to axles)
Caravans Earth Moving equipment
Caravans and campervans Excavators
Camper Trailers Bulldozers
Motorhomes Graders
Recreational vehicles (RVs). Loaders and dumpers
Rollers Crushers, screening and drilling equipment.
Leisure Assets – New and used vessels Heavy vehicles
Motorboats Prime movers
Yachts & houseboats Semi-trailers
Jet skis
Motorcycle and scooters (road registered only) Small and Medium trucks (Under 12 tonne GVM)