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A Broker with a Difference

Call him the dream maker.  Jason’s desire to help his clients is fueled by a desire to exhaust every avenue possible to help turn financial dreams into financial realities.  Jason Pestano strives to educate, inform, and assist his clients because he understands that informed clients make informed decisions regarding their present circumstances and future needs.

Professional Qualifications & Accolades

Jason holds a Diploma of Finance and Mortgage Broking.  His 25 years+ of collective experience in the Financial Services Industry affords him a wealth of industry recognised knowledge, having most recently been nominated for 2021 Finalist in the Advisor Best Finance Broker.  In 2018 Jason was a finalist for the FAST Broker Awards and in the team that achieved Commercial Broker Business Excellence Awards in 2017 for Best Regional Broker Team WA (5 Brokers or less).  Jason spent the first half of his career working in the debt collection and credit management industry in Sydney before switching to providing loans and has recently established his own company eLend Finance.

A Family Man

Jason is married and a devoted father of 2 young children.  He enjoys fishing, mountain bike riding, and spending time with his family and friends in his spare time.  Jason is an avid tech lover and enjoys cooking for his family and friends.  His straightforward and relatable “tell it like it is” approach helps him maintain excellent and flexible working relationships with all his clients.

“I am excited to have started my own mortgage broking business.  I am passionate about helping ambitious clients win more and reach their financial goals.  I perpetually strive to exceed my clients’ expectations and provide sound mortgage broking advice & strategies tailored to my client’s goals and objectives.  I have a dedicated team of professionals that support my endeavours. I am confident that eLend Finance can be an integral part of YOUR long-term success.  Whether it’s helping you purchase an investment property or build an investment property portfolio, I have the proven expertise to benefit you financially and help you continue to win and make your dreams a reality.”  Jason Pestano, eLend Finance

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